Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Happy Blessed 2011 ! ('',)
This is one of our latest pic , taken on 3rd Jan 11 .
Me at 4 years 5 months old & ambrose at 17 months old .

A new year , a new start to my blog ;)

One of the exciting event this year is that i am finally going to school ! K1 this year .
I am very ready for school eagerly looking forward to it ..
Mummy is very excited for me too , while daddy seems more calm & normal .. heehee
Anyway , its the beginning of my school life ..
Like what aunty Shirley proclaim , it shall be a great & happy K1 year ahead for Jireh & me ! =)

Spot me ? ;)
Yeah , that's me happily upon reaching school .

Did not take much pics except on my parent's iphone cos mummy's camera was spoilt on my first day of school , Gosh !!

Daddy mummy & ambrose accompany me to school for the first 2 days ..
Overall till now , my parents are pretty satisfield with my school & i enjoy going to school too ;)
Mummy specially like the daily praise & worship session , the computer lesson & those impressive play & learn equipments made by the teachers ..

A day before the first day of school , Jireh taimey ambrose & me had a blast at Gymboreee ! =)
To celebrate Jireh & my 'last day of freedom' ;P hoohoo

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Aunty Shirley said...

Wow finally new updates!!! Jia you Esther!!

And yes, Alexis really look very happy in school. =)