Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Happy Blessed 2011 ! ('',)
This is one of our latest pic , taken on 3rd Jan 11 .
Me at 4 years 5 months old & ambrose at 17 months old .

A new year , a new start to my blog ;)

One of the exciting event this year is that i am finally going to school ! K1 this year .
I am very ready for school eagerly looking forward to it ..
Mummy is very excited for me too , while daddy seems more calm & normal .. heehee
Anyway , its the beginning of my school life ..
Like what aunty Shirley proclaim , it shall be a great & happy K1 year ahead for Jireh & me ! =)

Spot me ? ;)
Yeah , that's me happily upon reaching school .

Did not take much pics except on my parent's iphone cos mummy's camera was spoilt on my first day of school , Gosh !!

Daddy mummy & ambrose accompany me to school for the first 2 days ..
Overall till now , my parents are pretty satisfield with my school & i enjoy going to school too ;)
Mummy specially like the daily praise & worship session , the computer lesson & those impressive play & learn equipments made by the teachers ..

A day before the first day of school , Jireh taimey ambrose & me had a blast at Gymboreee ! =)
To celebrate Jireh & my 'last day of freedom' ;P hoohoo

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I choose & daddy bought this cake for mummy ;)
I saw the 2 toy car & said that 1 for ambrose , & 1 for me .
Toys on a cake can really attracts small kids ! haahaa ;P

Anyway , it was a surprise cake for mummy . We had a simple celebration at home .
I got mummy a flower & bear too .

Cake & gifts does not really matter .
Most importantly , mummy wanna thank God for 2 healthy beautiful kids ! Ambrose & me ('',)



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4 years ago , mummy created this blog .
The first post & pic was when i was 1 month old . Times really flies ...
When mummy read back this blog from the begining , beautiful memories flashed back & it's really so enjoyable ;)
Last few months , this blog had been quite stagnant . Busy busy tired !
Now , mummy decided to try her best to maintain & update it .
All thanks to aunty Shirley who has been encouraging mummy to do so for memorial sake =)

* This is me at 1 month old ! The very 1st pic on my blog .
Wow , 4 years had passed ... see how much i have grow ;)

Mother's Day 2010


8th May 2010

Taimey ah-ma & me ;)

Every year without fail , there will be a celebration for ah-ma !
Saw the tiny bunch of flowers in my hand ?
Although its not grandma's day , it's my personal gift for ah-ma . heehee ;)


Uncle Stanley just returned from Denver & bought us gifts too ..
I got a beautiful princess crown from him .
Thank you uncle Stanley !


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Happy Mother's day to all the mummies ! ;)

Ambrose 1st bus ride


7th May 2010

Finally , mummy decided to give it a try with just her bringing ambrose & me & a pram to board a bus .
Thank God it's still manageable !
Those new bus without the muliple steps are really pram friendly . & it's always not crowded in the bus during weekday afternoon .
All these while ever since ambrose was born , we always took a cab . Now , we can save on our transportation cost ;) hoohoo

Ambrose & i were excited !


He loves to hold on to the hand rail ;)


He even attempt to 'taste' it ! *faint !

As for me , it had been so long since i last ride on a bus & i simply enjoyed it too =)
& for the next few weeks whenever mummy bring us out , my choice of transport is of course - Bus ! haahaa
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emerson 1 month old Party !

2nd May 2010

A must have , all time favourite item for a party - balloons ! heehee ;)
We are here to celebrate baby Emerson turning 1 month old .. How times flies ..

Even ambrose & taimey love balloons !

Cheeky Jireh pose behind the balloons when mummy ask us to smile ! =)

Happy Blessed 1 month old , Emerson ('',)

*oops .. Emerson is not in tis pic ;P hee..
only his pretty sister Claira .
its ok , we shall arrange a gathering again & take lots of pics together ;)

After the party ended , it's pool time for Jireh & i !
Hurray ;)

We love waterplay !
& this pool is so nice & fun with the playground in it ;)

Daddy let ambrose have a feel of the water too ;P haahaa

A date w Lucas


1st May 2010

Our first outing with baby Lucas & aunty Jane . This is Lucas at abt 1.5 months old .



Smiley Lucas =)

Daddy said he looks very cheeky when he smiles .. heehee


A dinner date w lovely company ('',)
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Explorer Kidz


April 2010

Ambrose first time playing in Explorer Kidz .
Not his first time here but before he know how to crawl , he's always been carried by mummy whenever we came ...


Now that he can crawl , it's so much fun for him ;)


My dad is indeed really 'on' when it come to play =)
He will play together with me climbing up & down this mega play area ..
It's really tiring & not easy especially for someone his size to bend & climb this playground .. but still he did it !
Out of love to play & have fun together with me ('',)


And at this 'forest' here , we always play hide-&-seek .
Beside running , daddy will also go down on his four to crawl around together with me ...

Thumbs up to my fun loving daddy ! ;)
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ambrose First Swim !

22nd April 2010

At 9 months old , ambrose had his very 1st try in the pool .
It was at my art Teacher's Condo pool . Ambrose & taimey went for a dip while Jireh & i were having our art lesson .

Special thanks to my Xiaoyi for blessing ambrose with this nice bright beach boy swim wear ;)

2 babies paying full attention to auntie Shirley for a short briefing before heading to the pool ;) heehee

Upon reaching the pool , they looked quite blur ! or maybe it's more of a curious look ..
'A GIANT bath tub !' they must have thought .. =)

Auntie Shirley carried taimey into the water first & ... not long after ambrose saw taimey's reaction in the water ...

This is ambrose's worried look !

'Taimey , what's so scary about the water ?! Is there a shark ?' haahaa ;P

Because cutie taimey was crying out loud the moment she touch the water !! (>.<)
My very cute cousin ;) heehee

A fun & memorable 1st water experience for the 2 babies even though they spend just a very short while in the pool . Ambrose at first seem ok with the water but after seeing how taimey cry , he seem to be not so ok .. haa